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Get Well Flowers
Get Well Florals Designer's Choice in Albany, CA | GOLDEN POPPY FLORIST
Get Well Florals
Designer's Choice
These flowers are sure to make them smile when they need it the most! Show them you care with a beautiful flower arrangement designed by our expert florists. Send our Designer’s Choice Get Well flowers to give them something to feel good about!
Shown at $75.00
Shown at $75.00
Fiery Pink Floral Design in Albany, CA | GOLDEN POPPY FLORIST
Fiery Pink
Floral Design
This bouquet is full of heat! Featuring a hot mix of yellow gerberas, hot pink carnations, spray roses, and more, Fiery Pink will light up a room and bring warmth to those who receive it. Send someone you love this exquisite bouquet today!
Shown at $65.00
Shown at $65.00
Get Well Special Designer's Choice in Albany, CA | GOLDEN POPPY FLORIST
Get Well Special
Designer's Choice
These flowers are the perfect way to say, “Get well soon!” Show them you care with beautiful flowers designed by our expert florists. This arrangement is sure to put a smile on their face when they need a little something to lift their spirits when they’re feeling sick!
Shown at $60.00
Shown at $60.00
Hospitals and Health Care Providers in Our Delivery Area:
Name Address Phone
Joy's Albany Boarding Home945 Key Route Blvd Albany, CA. 94706(510) 526-6399
Alameda Hospital2070 Clinton Ave Alameda, CA. 94501(510) 522-3700
Alemeda Care Ctr430 Willow St Alameda, CA. 94501(510) 523-8857
Autumn Resident Care Home2071 San Antonio Ave Alameda, CA. 94501(510) 522-7395
Bay View Nursing & Rehab Ctr516 Willow St Alameda, CA. 94501(510) 521-5600
Elders Inn1721 Webster St Alameda, CA. 94501(510) 748-4309
Emmanuel Convalescent Hospital508 Westline Dr Alameda, CA. 94501(510) 521-5765
Marina Convalescent Ctr Inc3201 Fernside Blvd Alameda, CA. 94501(510) 523-2363
Rex Moulton-Barrett, Md2070 Clinton Ave Alameda, CA. 94501(510) 864-1800
South Shore Convalescent Hosp625 Willow St Alameda, CA. 94501(510) 523-3772
Waters Edge Lodge801 Island Dr Alameda, CA. 94502(510) 748-4300
Waters Edge Nursing Home2401 Blanding Ave Alameda, CA. 94501(510) 522-1084
A Windsor House Residence2741 Hillegass Ave Berkeley, CA. 94705(510) 845-1850
Alta Bates Medical Ctr2450 Ashby Ave Berkeley, CA. 94705(510) 204-4444
Amistad House2050 Delaware St Berkeley, CA. 94709(510) 548-5189
Angeleon Care Home2124 Ashby Ave Berkeley, CA. 94705(510) 704-8319
Arv Assisted Living2235 Sacramento St Berkeley, CA. 94702(510) 841-4844
Ashby Care Ctr2270 Ashby Ave Berkeley, CA. 94705(510) 841-9494
Berkeley Pines Care Ctr2223 Ashby Ave Berkeley, CA. 94705(510) 649-6670
Castle Retirement Home1731 6th St Berkeley, CA. 94710(510) 524-0818
Chaparral House1309 Allston Way Berkeley, CA. 94702(510) 848-8774
Eden Elderly Care Home3028 Regent St Berkeley, CA. 94705(510) 548-7713
Ellsworth Care Home2805 Ellsworth St Berkeley, CA. 94705(510) 540-8957
Elmwood Berkeley Long Term Cr2829 Shattuck Ave Berkeley, CA. 94705(510) 665-2800
Fulton Rest Homes2555 Fulton St Berkeley, CA. 94704(510) 548-3352
Golden Rest Home2325 Mcgee Ave Berkeley, CA. 94703(510) 548-0849
Gussie's Senior Care Residence1533 Woolsey St Berkeley, CA. 94703(510) 644-1659
Harmony Manor1242 Josephine St Berkeley, CA. 94703(510) 527-4655
Harriet Tubman Terrace2870 Adeline St Berkeley, CA. 94703(510) 843-0134
Kyakameena Skilled Nursing2131 Carleton St Berkeley, CA. 94704(510) 843-2131
Mc Cray's Rest Home1743 Russell St Berkeley, CA. 94703(510) 845-0919
O Brien's Rest Home1446 Martin Luther King Jr Way Berkeley, CA. 94709(510) 525-2868
Oregon Park Apartments1425 Oregon St Berkeley, CA. 94702(510) 848-8554
Redwood Gardens Co-Op2951 Derby St Berkeley, CA. 94705(510) 549-2210
Satellite Senior Homes Inc1909 Cedar St # 102 Berkeley, CA. 94709(510) 704-8557
Satellite Senior Homes Stuart2020 Durant Ave Berkeley, CA. 94704(510) 704-9886
Shattuck Senior Homes2425 Shattuck Ave Berkeley, CA. 94704(510) 665-8599
St Rafael's Homes2628 Shattuck Ave Berkeley, CA. 94704(510) 849-1241
Strawberry Creek Lodge1320 Addison St Berkeley, CA. 94702(510) 841-8330
Eskaton Hazel Shirley Manor11025 San Pablo Ave El Cerrito, CA. 94530(510) 232-3430
Shields Nursing Ctr3230 Carlson Blvd El Cerrito, CA. 94530(510) 525-3212
Summerville At El Cerrito6510 Gladys Ave El Cerrito, CA. 94530(510) 234-5200
East Bay Endoscopy Ctr5858 Horton St # 100 Emeryville, CA. 94608(510) 654-4554
Emeryville Dental Care6001 Shellmound Street Suite 125 Emeryville, CA. 94608(510) 595-1900
Henderson Residential Care4201 West St Emeryville, CA. 94608(510) 654-8038
Kindred Keep5761 Market St Emeryville, CA. 94608(510) 420-1941
Mc Creary's Board & Care861 37th St Emeryville, CA. 94608(510) 652-0763
Mildred's Guest Home818 53rd St Emeryville, CA. 94608(510) 654-3481
Satellite Senior Homes Inc3250 San Pablo Ave Emeryville, CA. 94608(510) 601-6144
Sister Thea Bowman Manor6400 San Pablo Ave Emeryville, CA. 94608(510) 420-8802
Allen Temple Arms8135 International Blvd Oakland, CA. 94621(510) 562-2771
Alta Bates Medical Group2201 Broadway Fl 6 Oakland, CA. 94612(510) 627-4715
Altenheim Inc Retirement Home1720 Macarthur Blvd Oakland, CA. 94602(510) 530-4013
American Baptist Homes Of-West110 41st St Oakland, CA. 94611(510) 654-7172
Anthony Home For The Aged1345 100th Ave Oakland, CA. 94603(510) 635-9136
Baywood Apartments225 41st St Oakland, CA. 94611(510) 428-2255
Bells Rest Home865 Vermont St Oakland, CA. 94610(510) 835-3632
Beth Asher Apartments3649 Dimond Ave Oakland, CA. 94602(510) 530-4091
Beth Eden Apartments1100 Market St Oakland, CA. 94607(510) 832-2249
California-Nevada Methodist Hm201 19th St Oakland, CA. 94612(510) 893-8989
Campbell's Senior Resident Hm1321 77th Ave Oakland, CA. 94621(510) 568-2210
Charity's Residence2933 Monterey Blvd Oakland, CA. 94602(510) 531-5830
Children's Hospital Oakland747 52nd St Oakland, CA. 94609(510) 428-3000
Christian Church Homes303 Hegenberger Rd # 201 Oakland, CA. 94621(510) 632-6712
Claremont Care Senior Svc4500 Gilbert St Oakland, CA. 94611(510) 450-0916
Claremont House Retirement4500 Gilbert St Oakland, CA. 94611(510) 658-9266
Clinton Village Convalescent1833 10th Ave Oakland, CA. 94606(510) 536-6512
Covenant Care Nursing & Rehab2124 57th Ave Oakland, CA. 94621(510) 261-2628
Doh On Yuen211 8th St Oakland, CA. 94607(510) 251-2211
Dowling Convalescent Hospital451 28th St Oakland, CA. 94609(510) 893-4066
Eden Manor3121 Fruitvale Ave Oakland, CA. 94602(510) 533-3923
Elder Care Alliance2361 E 29th St Oakland, CA. 94606(510) 536-6258
Encore Management Valdez Plz280 28th St Oakland, CA. 94611(510) 268-0255
Europa Guest Home576 Valle Vista Ave Oakland, CA. 94610(510) 832-0442
Evergreen Manor4600 Fairfax Ave Oakland, CA. 94601(510) 533-3083
Excell Healthcare Ctr3025 High St Oakland, CA. 94619(510) 261-5200
Facey Medical Group Inc3431 Foothill Blvd Oakland, CA. 94601(510) 534-8540
Fruitvale Healthcare Ctr3020 E 15th St Oakland, CA. 94601(510) 261-5613
Garfield Geropsychiatric Hosp1451 28th Ave Oakland, CA. 94601(510) 261-9191
Garfield Nueurobehavioral Ctr1441 28th Ave Oakland, CA. 94601(510) 261-9191
Gatewood Manor524 41st St Oakland, CA. 94609(510) 654-9612
Glen Brook Terrace4030 Panama Ct Oakland, CA. 94611(510) 654-1882
Glo's Adult ResidentialPo Box 5038 Oakland, CA. 94605(510) 430-1885
Good Shepherd Home For Care5472 Foothill Blvd Oakland, CA. 94601(510) 534-5734
Grand Lake Gardens110 41st St Oakland, CA. 94611(510) 596-2600
Grand Lake Gardens401 Santa Clara Ave Oakland, CA. 94610(510) 893-3329
Grand Lake Rest Home365 Staten Ave Oakland, CA. 94610(510) 893-5308
Guardian Medical Hill Nursing475 29th St Oakland, CA. 94609(510) 832-3222
Hamilton's Residential Care6112 Hilton St Oakland, CA. 94605(510) 638-8865
High Street Nursing Ctr3145 High St Oakland, CA. 94619(510) 533-9970
Highland General Hospital1411 E 31st St Oakland, CA. 94602(510) 437-4800
Hotel Oakland Assn270 13th St Oakland, CA. 94612(510) 835-3749
Housing Authority1619 Harrison St Oakland, CA. 94612(510) 874-1500
Immaculate Care Ctr3003 Fruitvale Ave Oakland, CA. 94602(510) 534-3219
J L Richard Terrace250 E 12th St Oakland, CA. 94606(510) 465-9646
Kaiser Foundation Hospital280 W Macarthur Blvd Oakland, CA. 94611(510) 596-1000
Kind Care Home3520 Calafia Ave Oakland, CA. 94605(510) 635-4904
Lake Merritt Apartments1417 1st Ave # 100 Oakland, CA. 94606(510) 763-1417
Lake Park Retirement Residence1850 Alice St Oakland, CA. 94612(510) 835-5511
Lakehurst Residential Hotel1569 Jackson St Oakland, CA. 94612(510) 451-3648
Lakeshore Convalescent Hosp1901 3rd Ave Oakland, CA. 94606(510) 834-9880
Lakeside Apartments136 E 12th St Oakland, CA. 94606(510) 832-2018
Lakeview Manor Rest Home734 Haddon Pl Oakland, CA. 94610(510) 893-9183
Long Life Care Home4240 Redding St Oakland, CA. 94619(510) 482-0108
Lottie Johnson Memorial House970 14th St Oakland, CA. 94607(510) 268-1736
Mac Arthur Nursing Ctr309 Macarthur Blvd Oakland, CA. 94610(510) 836-3777
Mark Twain Senior Community Co3525 Lyon Ave Oakland, CA. 94601(510) 261-4760
Matilda Brown Home360 42nd St Oakland, CA. 94609(510) 658-5565
Mc Clure Rehabilitation Hosp2910 Mcclure St Oakland, CA. 94609(510) 836-3677
Meta Care I9227 Hillside St # 1 Oakland, CA. 94603(510) 632-9187
Molintas Residential Care Home1718 96th Ave Oakland, CA. 94603(510) 638-7400
Mpi Alcohol And Chemical Dependency Treatment ProgSummit Medical Center Oakland, CA. 94609(510) 652-7000
Myrna's Residential Care Home9945 C St Oakland, CA. 94603(510) 635-4147
New Horizons5115 Foothill Blvd Oakland, CA. 94601(510) 261-1112
Noble Tower Apartments1515 Lakeside Dr Oakland, CA. 94612(510) 444-5228
Northgate Terrace Retirement550 24th St Oakland, CA. 94612(510) 465-9346
Oak Grove Plaza South570 16th St Ground Fl Oakland, CA. 94612(510) 874-1536
Oak Village780 13th St # 103 Oakland, CA. 94612(510) 835-4846
Oakland Nursing & Rehab Ctr3030 Webster St Oakland, CA. 94609(510) 451-3856
Oakridge Care Ctr2919 Fruitvale Ave Oakland, CA. 94602(510) 261-8564
Opal Home Care3917 Opal St Oakland, CA. 94609(510) 420-0731
Park Boulevard Manor4135 Park Blvd # 102 Oakland, CA. 94602(510) 531-3871
Park Merritt Intermediate Care525 E 18th St Oakland, CA. 94606(510) 268-8491
Park View Lodge616 59th St Oakland, CA. 94609(510) 655-9110
Pathways Home Health333 Hegenberger Road Oakland, CA. 94621(510) 632-4390
Posada De Colores2221 Fruitvale Ave Oakland, CA. 94601(510) 534-6200
Robinson's Room & Board115 Foster Ave Oakland, CA. 94603(510) 568-7953
Rockridge Rest Home524 Forest St Oakland, CA. 94618(510) 652-9403
Rose Of Sharon Senior Homes1600 Lakeshore Ave Oakland, CA. 94606(510) 832-6090
Rounseville Rehabilitation Ctr210 40th Street Way Oakland, CA. 94611(510) 658-2041
Saint Francis Rest Home476 Wickson Ave Oakland, CA. 94610(510) 451-6664
Saint Patrick's Terrace1212 Center St # 101 Oakland, CA. 94607(510) 251-8135
Salem Lutheran Home Beauty Shp2361 E 29th St Oakland, CA. 94606(510) 534-3637
Satellite Senior Homes540 21st St Oakland, CA. 94612(510) 451-8636
Satellite Senior Homes Inc32 Linda Ave # 101 Oakland, CA. 94611(510) 601-1090
Satellite Senior Homes Inc5375 Manila Ave Oakland, CA. 94618(510) 653-0256
Sojourner Truth Housing Inc6015 Martin Luther King Jr Way Oakland, CA. 94609(510) 655-4413
Southlake Tower1501 Alice St Oakland, CA. 94612(510) 465-0481
Sshi Maintenance540 21st St Bsmt Oakland, CA. 94612(510) 451-8931
St Mark's Apartments394 12th St Oakland, CA. 94607(510) 268-0274
St Mary's Gardens801 10th St Oakland, CA. 94607(510) 465-9628
St Paul's Towers100 Bay Pl Oakland, CA. 94610(510) 835-4700
Stallworth Boarding Home2730 Seminary Ave Oakland, CA. 94605(510) 635-5728
Summit Medical Ctr350 Hawthorne Ave Oakland, CA. 94609(510) 655-4000
Sunrise Assisted Living11889 Skyline Blvd Oakland, CA. 94619(510) 531-7190
Surgery Center3875 Telegraph Ave Oakland, CA. 94609(510) 547-2244
Thomas-Adams Residential Care5152 Foothill Blvd Oakland, CA. 94601(510) 533-3470
Thunder Road Chemical Dependancy390 40th St Oakland, CA. 94609(510) 653-5040
Westlake Christian Terrace275 28th St Oakland, CA. 94611(510) 893-2998
Anderson Elderly Residential166 S 18th St Richmond, CA. 94804(510) 236-6947
Ellen's Community Care Ctr2716 Ohio Ave Richmond, CA. 94804(510) 233-6720
Family Manor Community Care Hm2840 Salesian Ave Richmond, CA. 94804(510) 235-8284
G G's Residential Care Home4421 Center Ave Richmond, CA. 94804(510) 235-8538
G G's Residential Care Home4422 Ohio Ave Richmond, CA. 94804(510) 235-8538
Holy Spirit Care Home423 Mclaughlin St Richmond, CA. 94805(510) 233-5377
Latour's Residential Home640 11th St Richmond, CA. 94801(510) 232-4112
Park Plaza Rest Home4901 Plaza Way Richmond, CA. 94804(510) 233-3240
Shady Lane Rest Home2133 Napa St Richmond, CA. 94804(510) 524-5309
Shields-Richmond Nursing Ctr1919 Cutting Blvd Richmond, CA. 94804(510) 223-8513
Vintage Estates955 23rd St Richmond, CA. 94804(510) 237-5182
Carmelita's Board & Care Home2238 Cypress Ave San Pablo, CA. 94806(510) 724-2626
Creekside Healthcare Ctr1900 Church Ln San Pablo, CA. 94806(510) 235-5514
Divine's Home2430 Bancroft Ln San Pablo, CA. 94806(510) 222-4109
Doctor's Medical Ctr2000 Vale Rd San Pablo, CA. 94806(510) 970-5000
M N Terrace1520 Ventura Ave San Pablo, CA. 94806(510) 236-3421
San Pablo Healthcare Ctr13328 San Pablo Ave San Pablo, CA. 94806(510) 235-3720
Shields Nursing Ctr Inc3095 Richmond Pkwy San Pablo, CA. 94806(510) 223-6123
St Luke's Extended Nursing Ctr2140 Vale Rd San Pablo, CA. 94806(510) 232-7203
Summerville At Creekside Lodge13956 San Pablo Ave San Pablo, CA. 94806(510) 236-1444
Vale Healthcare Ctr13484 San Pablo Ave San Pablo, CA. 94806(510) 232-5945
Vestal's Home For The Elderly2095 Lake St San Pablo, CA. 94806(510) 215-8109
Let GOLDEN POPPY FLORIST of Albany, CA help you send get well wishes to your friend or loved one. Show them how much you care with a floral arrangement or customized get well gift. A basket filled with snacks, bath products, unique jewelry and accessories, or a favorite stuffed animal is a great and easy way to cheer up a loved one. Top off your personalized gift with a fun balloon bouquet. Wanting something a little more traditional? There is no better or more simple way to remind someone that you're thinking of them than with get well flowers. Place your order online or call to customize a gift for that special someone. Let us be the ones to help you wish a loved one "get well soon."
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